• The company's common stock trades on Nasdaq's Global Market under the symbol LLNW.
  • Limelight's shares began trading on June 8, 2007 after an initial public offering of 16 million common shares sold at $15.00 per share; 12,500,000 shares were sold by Limelight Networks, and 3,500,000 were sold by selling stockholders by the company. The company did not receive proceeds from shares sold by selling stockholders.
  • Limelight's year ends each December 31. The company reports financial results subsequent to each quarter ending March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.
  • No, the company does not pay a stock or cash dividend on its common shares and anticipates future earnings will be reinvested in the company.
  • No, to invest in Limelight, individuals should contact a licensed stockbroker of their own choosing. Limelight Networks cannot recommend a broker.
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  • We suggest individuals contact Limelight's Transfer Agent to replace a certificate or locate misplaced shares.
  • Contact either your stockbroker or the Transfer Agent.